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We're providing Java Hosting and Tomcat Hosting services since 2000, which gives us over a twelve years of experience on Java and Tomcat Hosting niche market. During that time we've been operating many Java and Tomcat Hosting brands, supporting thousands of java developers, doing hundreds of thousands Tomcat installations. We are one of the pioneers in the professional Java Hosting services, tomcat hosting industry leaders in providing affordable and professional Java Hosting packages based on Apache Tomcat servlet container. We're supporting most of technologies based on java and tomcat, together with regular PHP Hosting based on LAMP stack.

We've been one of the first company that even offered $1 trial for our Java Hosting packages, we prooved that we're not scared to give an access to our services to users before they will decide to pay regular price! We've been the one of the first Java Host that ever offer and provided auto restarts for Shared Tomcat container to users, so that they can restart Shared Tomcat by themselves instantly, without waiting for customer support officer doing this for them. We've been one of the first Java Host that developed dedicated host control panel for java and tomcat, so that users can easly install (or re-install) and change version of theirs Tomcat servlet container.

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Our brand provide two Private Tomcat packages, as we believe that time of Shared Tomcat has ended. While it maked sense to offer Shared Tomcat Hosting back in 2000, it doesn't make sense to continue with this type of java hosting anymore. The world is changed. More and more powerful hardware is available, the CPU power and amount of RAM is not same anymore, technology behind Java Hosting is better, cheaper... that's why we offer dedicated Private Tomcat Hosting to our customers at the price of Shared Tomcat Hosting offered by our competitors. Further more, we don't affraid to give you a try our Java Hosting before you start paying regular price, we offer full 14 days trial for 99 cents, you can choose whatever your trial java account will be based on Private Tomcat Lite or Private Tomcat Pro package.

Infrastructure behind our Java Hosting

We're using Continuum, Peer1 and Hetzner data centers as a primary, and secure secondary backup, Diseaster and Recovery sites.

Continuum is a 21k square foot DC. Secure, reliable and well protected. Located west of Chicago, US. Data center has been engineered for operational sustainability with redundant power and cooling systems to deliver a 99.99% uptime SLA, low-profile DC facility, staffed and monitored 24/7, offer own premium blended network with multi providers, that include Internap (Tiscali, Cogent, ATT, UUNET, Savvis, XO, Global Crossing) and Hurricane Electric, plus AboveNet's high-bandwidth 10GB fiber transport to 350 E. Continuum SLA guarantees a low-ping, low-latency network at all times.

Peer1 data centers are located across the world, including Toronto (Canada), Los Angeles and New York (US). Peer1 guarante 100% uninterrupted transit to the internet with zero packet loss on local, internal network. Minimal latency and no single point of failure. High spec Cisco powered network with Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). UPS and diesel power generator backup, and of course 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC). Redundancy and security at every level of the internal network. Peering agreements with global Tier 1 Internet providers, public Network Access Points (NAPs), as well as hundreds of peering partners that exchange traffic. During the 2003 blackout (estimated 10 mil people in Ontario, Canada and 45 mil people in eight US states was affected) all our java hosting servers located in blackout zones continued to work without any downtime. Our network provider Peer1 power was uninterrupted. Other hosts were not that lucky, and couldn't provide such service continuity. secure, secondary sites are located in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada), London (UK) and Krakow (Poland). These are small and designed for Disaster and Recovery only sites, with undisclosed to public locations. Redundant network and uplink providers, cross sites Secure VPN tunnels, 100% encrypted storage with regular offline backups.

Private Tomcat Lite
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Your dedicated Private Tomcat instance is yours and only yours. Get your Private Tomcat Lite package with full control over your Tomcat servlet container! Java hosting account limits for Tomcat Lite package:

  • Dedicated tomcat instance
  • 128 MB JVM heap size
  • 100 GB monthly data transfer
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Host unlimited domains and subdomains
Private Tomcat Pro
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Get your Private Tomcat Pro package now! Your Java Hosting package comes with full control over Tomcat servlet container! Java hosting account limits for Private Tomcat Pro hosting package:

  • Dedicated tomcat instance
  • 256 MB JVM heap size
  • 200 GB monthly data transfer
  • 20 GB disk space
  • Host unlimited domains and subdomains
Private Tomcat Trial
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Still not decided? Still not sure what Java Hosting package suits you, should it be Private Tomcat Lite or Private Tomcat Pro? Still not sure about quality of Java and Tomcat Hosting provided to you by Whatever Your reason is, we're happy to offer Java Hosting trial account, full 14 days of Tomcat Hosting for 99 cents! Full two weeks with Private Tomcat package of your choice!

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