Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 available

Published: 06/04/2013

Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 has been released on 26th March 2013, new release contains number of bug fixes and improvements compared to previous version of tomcat 7.0.37. Important changes include multiple improvements in the bytes to and from characters conversion process. The core conversion process has been refactored to use the NIO APIs. This has resulted in a number of improvements including invalid UTF8 byte sequences at the end of series of bytes now trigger a conversion error rather than being silently swallowed. Errors detected in request URIs will be replaced with the replacement character (allowing the application to respond to the invalid URI as it wishes) and errors in request bodies will trigger an IOException. The use of the JVM provided UTF8 decoder has been replaced by a better UTF8 decoder derived from Apache Harmony. This improved decoder has earlier detection of error conditions and more closely follows the Unicode specification regarding the use of replacement characters. The annotation scanning process now provides more information if the scan fails due to broken class dependencies. There is now enough information to identify the class(es) at fault. The JAR scanning process that supports annotation scanning has also seen multiple improvements and fixes including the exclusion by default of the Bootstrap class path from the scan. Upgraded a number of Apache Tomcat's dependencies including Commons Daemon to 1.0.14, Commons IO to 2.4 and Commons FileUpload to r1458500. A new dependency on Commons Codec was added to replace Tomcat's internal Base64 encoder/decoder. Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 is now fully supported by gojava.net and it's available with both java hosting packages, Private Tomcat Lite and Private Tomcat Pro.

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