Apache Tomcat 6.0.37 available

Published: 10/05/2013

Long awaited Apache Tomcat version 6.0.37 has been released on 3rd May 2013, new release includes many security and bug fixes over previous version of Tomcat (released over a half of a year ago).

The most notable fixes include support for SSLHonorCipherOrder to allow the server to impose its cipher order on the client; reduced log level for invalid cookies; ensure that filters are recycled (for details, please see ASF Bugzilla - Bug 52055 - ChunkedInputFilter is not recycled for servlet 3.0 asynchronous request); fixed bug in timestamp cache used by logging (including the access log valve) that meant entries could be made with an earlier timestamp than the true timestamp; in FormAuthenticator, If it's configured to change Session IDs, do the change before displaying the login form; don't share shell environment variables between multiple instances of the CGI servlet; with this release Tomcat version 6 now correctly handle (means: ignore) invalid If-Modified-Since header rather than throwing an exception; fix NPE when SSI processing is enabled and an empty SSI directive is present; synchronize conf/web.xml mime mapping with Tomcat version 7.

The Native Component of the APR/native connector has been updated to version 1.1.27 and this version is now recommended minimum version. Apache Commons Daemon has been updated to version 1.0.15. Apache Tomcat 6.0.37 has been tested by our team for two days and passed all stability tests. Tomcat version 6.0.37 is now available under Java Hosting Control Panel with every java and tomcat hosting package.

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