Unplanned Continuum Maintenance notification 2013-01-13 @ 0300 CST

Published: 13/01/2013

Continuum Data Centers maintenance notification:

In an effort to continually improve your IP connectivity in the Lombard (LMB) data center network, Continuum will be upgrading the Cisco IOS on the access switch that you are connected to. During this event, you will see a brief period of loss of connectivity as the access switch is reloaded with an upgraded IOS which will provide additional necessary core features.

EVENT ID: 0113.2013.01
START DATE: 01/13/2013
START TIME: 03:00 AM Central Time
ESTIMATED END TIME: 03:15 AM Central Time

SERVICE: Access Switch
TYPE OF WORK: Reload Switch
PROVIDER: Continuum Data Centers, LLC
IMPACT OF WORK: 2-4 minutes of loss of network connectivity

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